Industry Expertise

In the industry, Shoolin stands out by delivering a dynamic set of services that combine dedicated individuals, market-leading processes, and cutting-edge technology. We believe in fostering strong partnerships with our clients, building trust and adding value over time. When you choose to work with Shoolin, you can expect to collaborate with extraordinary professionals who possess a deep understanding of your business and its technological needs. We are committed to being more than just a faceless supplier; we aim to be your reliable and trusted partner throughout our engagement.

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Our Services

With a vast network of qualified candidates and industry expertise, we provide end-to-end recruitment services, from sourcing and screening to candidate selection and placement, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process.

shoolin consultancy

We deliver holistic solutions to address the specific needs of businesses, that covers all aspects of their requirements.

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Visa Compliance

Protect your business and ensure compliance by using tailored workplace relations expertise when you need it.

shoolin consultancy

Our experienced consultants can act as an extension of your HR function, providing solutions tailored requirements.

shoolin consultancy
Digital Marketing

Our consultants use their industry expertise and extensive networks to match skill, experience and values with organisational requirements.

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Digital Transformation Delivery

Customer-focused and startup-inspired - We have start-up thinking, a customized approach, and agile working methods to guarantee that ..

shoolin consultancy
Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is more than just software - Our Cyber Security Services are designed to protect your business from the latest threats and drive ..

Our Clients

At Shoolin Consultancy, we prioritize the establishment of robust and collaborative partnerships with our clients. Our core values revolve around fostering mutual growth, providing better resources, managing risk and compliance, driving operational efficiencies, and making positive contributions to communities.

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Global HR Solutions

Shoolin Consultancy, founded in 2015, has established itself as a trusted provider of IT Staffing, Health services, and Education solutions across India, Australia, and New Zealand. Over the years, Shoolin has experienced significant growth, expanding from a small team to a mid-sized business with offices in major cities. Our workforce of 200+ consultants is deployed across a diverse customer base in the APAC region.Our primary focus lies in providing Creative, Collaborative, and Competent resources to ensure sustained outcomes and foster trust with our customers.
shoolin consultancy
StartUp Solutions

Tailored package from new entrant to established small businesses.

shoolin consultancy
Digital Marketing

Customer-focused and startup-inspired - a customized approach, and agile working methods to guarantee that businesses work with the right people.

shoolin consultancy
Medium Scale Business

A comprehensive Packages and Solutions for fast-growing mid-size to large scale businesses.

shoolin consultancy
Large Enterprises - HR Partner Technology Suite

All-inclusive HCM service and technology to streamline your processes and procedures.


Specialized Industries

We always provide people a complete solution upon focused of any business.

200 +

Niche Resource

We offer individuals a comprehensive solution specifically designed for their business needs, catering to their niche requirements.

300 +

Skilled People

We consistently deliver industry-leading experts who are highly specialized and dedicated to excelling in their respective fields of focus.

150 +

Happy Clients

We consistently offer our clients comprehensive solutions that empower their business growth and development.

How We Help You Grow & Thrive

Our HR Solutions are designed to support your organization's growth and enable you to thrive in various ways.

Access Skills

Import professional skills that are difficult to source in Australia to meet organisational and/or project demands & goals.

Streamline Processes

Avoid complex, time-consuming sponsorship processes and ensure easy onboarding and offboarding of workers.

Minimise Risk

Reduce employment risk by outsourcing compliance obligations to us, as holders of an on-hire labour agreement.

Transfer Knowledge

We help recruit talent that can effectively pass knowledge on to local staff, offering train-the-trainer and mentoring training.

Hire & Retain Expertise

Working visas enable overseas professionals to work in Australia for 2-4 years and apply for permanent residency.

Reduce Admin

We’ve been mobilising overseas talent for two decades, providing a dedicated manager for each candidate/project.

Tools & Technology

Shoolin’s approach is to deliver our dynamic set of services with a unique mix of build skills, tools, platforms, market-leading processes, and great underlying technology. We have access to the right tools and platforms resulting in maximum impact for your solution.

Our Offices

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