8th June

Australia ChildCare Education, Career & Visa Information Weekly

Date and Time

Thu 8th Jun 2023, 8:30 am - 9:30 am IST


This event is online from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm AEST timezone. The host will update the event with a meeting link, as well as instructions to attend the event.

Event Description

Shoolin Consultancy is proud to present a weekly Information Afternoon in conjunction with Unistudy Visa and Migration Law Firm, offering advice on the Australian Child Care Industry. Our experts will explore career opportunities, relevant education requirements, Visa pathways and the necessity of English as a language for employment in the childcare industry. We will also delve into visa requirements and the advantages of pursuing education in the area. Additionally, the various prerequisites to start a career in the childcare industry.

Childcare as a Career

We bring industry specialists together, to talk about open roles in the childcare industry as per the region and learn about the duties and requirements for it, as well as gain useful advice to succeed in it. Shoolin specialises in hiring exceptionally talented and devoted people for childcare roles, comprising Long Daycare centers, Montessori, Preschools, and Family Daycare. Moreover, if you are considering a career switch, ask our experts, and we will assist you throughout the process.

Childcare Education

For those wishing to pursue a career in the childcare industry, UniStudy Visa offers International students and Australian locals the chance to resume their professional career by obtaining the relevant education. Additionally, knowledge of the English language is a prerequisite for gaining employment in the childcare industry so we touch-base on this topic.

Childcare Visa

This week, we'll take a deep dive into Childcare Education Visas and the potential advantages associated with pursuing study abroad. With so many queries surrounding the realm of Visa Requirements, we promise to be an informative and exciting discussion.

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