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Shoolin Consultancy is a global Recruitment and Digital Project Delivery firm. We focus on providing Creative, Collaborative and Competent resources to deliver sustained outcomes and build trust with our customers. We have evolved and enhanced our capabilities to meet the changing needs of our clients.

shoolin consultancy

Founded in 2015, Shoolin has a reputation as a unique, trusted, and commercial partner with high-quality talent, cost effective solutions and services. We bring an entrepreneurial mindset to work openly and collaboratively with our clients from start to finish, to deliver outcome based projects. Our experts work together to create personalized, authentic, and motivating experiences that ignite passion and tap into purpose to strengthen individual, team, and company performance.
Shoolin has a unique mix of capabilities, multidisciplinary expertise, industry insights, and geographic coverage. Our diverse & talented team works in banking, security, finance, quantum technologies, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare & life sciences sectors.Being truly global, we can support you wherever you need us, without geographical barriers which inhibit global partnerships.


With a vast network of qualified candidates and industry expertise, we provide end-to-end recruitment services, from sourcing and screening to candidate selection and placement, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process.

shoolin consultancy

We deliver holistic solutions to address the specific needs of businesses, that covers all aspects of their requirements.

shoolin consultancy
Visa Compliance

Protect your business and ensure compliance by using tailored workplace relations expertise when you need it.

shoolin consultancy

Our experienced consultants can act as an extension of your HR function, providing solutions tailored requirements.

shoolin consultancy
Digital Marketing

Our consultants use their industry expertise and extensive networks to match skill, experience and values with organisational requirements.

shoolin consultancy
Digital Transformation Delivery

Customer-focused and startup-inspired - We have start-up thinking, a customized approach, and agile working methods to guarantee that ..

shoolin consultancy
Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is more than just software - Our Cyber Security Services are designed to protect your business from the latest threats and drive ..

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